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2023 Registration is now open


As promised, we have opened the 2023 Registration.  This year we are pleased to announce that we have brought Cheerleading back in addition to our Football program!

For the first time, We are also offering an Early Registration Discount of $10 for anyone who registers in full by April 8th 2023.

Lets Go Raiders!

2023 Pre-Season

We will be starting Off-season conditioning in the coming weeks.  Please Keep an eye on this page for more details.  


    Coach Background Check

    The Reynoldsburg Junior Raiders (RJR) has a background check policy. This background check process will cover all Football and Cheerleading coaches.

    All background information is public information however, we the RJR, will not publish or disclose any information to our board, parents or any outside entity. All background checks are returned as either 'pass' or 'fail'.

    Further details can be obtained and an appeal can be made to the Background Administrator.        


    RJR Background Screening Policy


    It is the intent of this policy to establish guidelines wherein the Reynoldsburg Junior Raiders (hereinafter referred to as "RJR”) can seek to protect the children of the Reynoldsburg community by investigating the background of volunteers who will be coaching in our sanctioned athletic programs.

    General Guidelines

    1. RJR shall ensure that all participants 12 years of age or younger shall have at least one (1) approved coach or assistant coach (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Coach”) present at each athletic activity, including practices, games and meetings.

    2. Any person who has been convicted of or has a pending charges pertaining to any of the disqualifying offenses listed in this policy will be immediately disqualified from coaching (either head or assistant) in any sanctioned athletic program approved by the association. A coach who willfully fails to comply with this background screening shall be automatically disqualified.

    3. All football teams, and cheer squads, will have all coaches (one head coach and up to one assistant coach) processed for approval. Each coach will have his or her background checked every 24 months for as long as he or she continues coaching.

    Screening Process

    RJR Board Members will establish deadlines by which the Volunteer Consent/Release Forms are due back to RJR. These deadlines will be at least two weeks prior to the start of practices for all football teams and cheer squads. This will give RJR time to compile and process the forms, and to conduct the background checks. After the background check are complete, the results of the background check will be forwarded to the Board, and the Board will then advise RJR of any coaches who are disqualified. All information pertaining to the background check will remain with the Board, subject to the applicable laws requiring disclosure. RJR will not be informed of the results of any background check; rather, RJR will only be told that a coach is disqualified.

    In any of the disqualifying entries are reported in the criminal background check, RJR shall notify the Coach that he or she is disqualified and may notify the coach’s recreation club that the coach is disqualified. If a Coach requests the results of the coach’s background check, RJR shall send a copy of the background check to the Coach. RJR will send an acknowledgment for that the Coach must sign and return to the Board.


    To help ensure confidentially, league presidents and other RJR personnel shall not be notified of a coach’s criminal history. The criminal background reports shall be kept in secure location for a period as required by applicable law or, the person is no longer a volunteer coach, whichever is later.


    The RJR Board play just as important a role in this screening program as does RJR. It is important for the integrity of the background screening program that all RJR Board and personnel verify that only those persons who are screened and approved by the association be allowed to coach. Also, all sports committees should ensure that such persons are only active with the team or cheer squad identified on the Volunteer Youth Sports Consent/Release Form pertaining to that person.

    Appeals Process

    If a coach’s background check includes a conviction of a charge that is set forth on the list of disqualifiers, RJR shall immediately disqualify a person from volunteering as a coach. There shall be no appeal of a decision to disqualify a coach if the coach’s relevant criminal history is accurate.

    If a coach wishes to dispute the content of the profile report, the coach shall contact the third party responsible for conducting the background check by calling the telephone number listed on the report. The coach is responsible for providing any or all documentation to support his or her claim. If the circumstances change regarding the disqualified coach, they must request in writing for a new criminal history back search.

    Disqualify Offenses 

    Any person will be disqualified from coaching or assistant coaching with any football team or cheer squad in any athletic program approved by the Reynoldsburg Junior Raiders if the coach has been (1.) found guilty or entered a guilty or no contendere plea regardless of the adjudication for any of the disqualifying offense (2.) has a charge pending against him or her in which it is alleged that he or she has committed any of the following crimes or (3.) has a record of a conviction of an equivalent offense in another state.

    A Letter to our Reynoldsburg Junior Raider Participants and Families


    In an attempt to improve our football environment and keep our kids safe, this season we adapted a Participant Code of Conduct and a Parents Code of Conduct.  Please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conducts as they will be implemented, and sustained throughout the entire 2023 season. 
    We look forward to an enjoyable season with you.



    I will do my very best and maintain a passing grade in school.
    I will not use foul or abusive language or gestures at any time.
    I will attend every practice and game that I can attend and will notify my coach when I cannot.
    I will not taunt anyone or any team.
    I will expect to receive a fair opportunity to participate in practices and games.
    I will encourage my parents to be involved with my participation because it is important to me.
    I understand and recognize that youth football and cheer is an opportunity to learn and have fun.
    I understand that football is only a game, that I will not take anything personally, and to always do my best.
    I deserve to have fun during my involvement with RJR Inc., and I will alert my parents and coaches if I am no longer enjoying my experiences.


    I hereby promise to provide positive support, care and encouragement to my child while participating in RJR Inc., by following the Parent’s Code of Conduct.
    I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice and any other event.
    I will place the well-being of my child first, ahead of any personal desire to win.
    I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment that is free from drugs, alcohol and foul language and gestures, and I will refrain from their use at all RJR functions and events.
    I will recognize that this organization is for the development of children, and will ensure that I make it a fun and exciting time for all.
    I will expect and insist my child treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, color, sex, creed or ability and will set the example by doing the same.
    I will ensure that I inform my child’s coach of any misconduct, poor school performance or absence from practice/games. 
    I will allow 24hrs to pass before I approach a Coach on an individual matter.
    Thank you for your support,
    Reynoldsburg Junior Raiders Board of Directors

    Junior Raiders Football and Cheer Registration.

    Coach Background Check

    Now Live!

    Douglas Mooney





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